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  • 5 Rules For Sending A Dating App Opener

    5 Rules For Sending A Dating App Opener

    If you’re going to make an effort and send the first message, you might as well get it right the first time. Don’t waste your time sending something that will only be ignored and screenshotted to be laughed at in a group chat.

    If you seriously want a connection and response, take these rules into consideration before you start mass sending out sad excuses for conversation starters.

    1. Short and Sweet:

    You might think you’re being endearing when you put a lot of thought and effort into the paragraph you send over, but please don’t. Leave a little mystery and cut it down to a sentence, no more than two if you can. You want them to respond so you can have other things to say rather than blowing up their phone with chunks of information at a time.

    There’s no reason to ask multiple questions within one response or get too crazy into detail because you’ll end up overwhelming them to the point of no response, even though you thought it was the perfect opener.

    2. Be Creative:

    Don’t you dare just send a simple “hey” or “hi” unless you’re trying to bore them to death? I’m not saying you have to create this great joke or one-liner that they’ve never heard before but put a little more thought and effort into it instead of being so unoriginal they don’t take a second look.

    3. Include Their Name:

    For one thing, it’s a little too easy to get multiple matches and copy and paste openers every time. When you add their name, it shows you took the time to take a peep at their profile after the fact you matched and made an effort in typing out their name.

    It’s obvious when it’s a spam opener that you’re trying to anyone in the hopes of at least one response. Trust me; it’s not attractive if you realize the person you match with isn’t selective and has no game at all. Make the message a little more unique than a one liner with no intended purpose of being sent to that particular person.

    4. Don’t Be Too Aggressive:

    Everyone wants compliments and to be fond over, but if your comments are overbearing and extreme, you might scare them off. You should definitely voice your attraction but not to the extent of acting like you’ve never talked to an attractive person in your life.

    Don’t explicitly tell them all the naughty things you want to do with them right away leave it to the imagination and build up the messages to that point. Make sure it’s mutual, or you’re going to make a fool of yourself.

    5. Be Cute, Not Creepy:

    If you’ve happened to see them before or want to make it a point to let them know how interested you are, make sure you don’t cross the line into creepy zone. The worst thing to do is to come off desperate where you force them to unmatch you faster than you can send an apology message.

    If you have to debate on whether it’s creepy or not just don’t send it and start over from scratch because the opening sentence can determine it all.

    Check out the video below for more online dating openers!

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