I’m all for exploring your options on local sex apps, but we do live in a world where there are consequences. If you can keep it in your pants long enough to refrain from hooking up with one of these people, then don’t. Save yourself the drama and do it with anyone else.

1. Boss:

First things first, don’t shit where you eat, and by now you should know nothing good comes out of mixing business with pleasure. I understand that there can be sexual tension but don’t risk the one night fling with ruining your career and making things awkward in the office.

2. Bestfriend:

Whether it’s an experimental sort of thing or something you’ve always been curious about, make sure your friendship would be worth ruining. There is a huge risk when you mix the feelings from a great friendship and making things more complicated when you decide to get sexual with them.

3. Bestfriend’s Boyfriend:

Off limits, no questions asked. Whether it’s their ex or not this shouldn’t even be an option even though it tends to happen more than it should. It’s understandable to gain feelings for someone you’re around often since they are taking your BFF, but that doesn’t mean you and your best friend have to share everything literally.

Know your boundaries and realize there are some severe consequences for everyone involved if you act on your feelings in this one.

4. Ex:

If it didn’t work out the first time, chances are there is a reason, and even if the sex is good, it’s not worth backtracking. The more time you spend with someone that is clearly wrong for you, the better sex you’re missing out on with a potential partner.

Stick by the breakup and refrain from catching feelings again because chances are there are still some lingering in one of you, so it’s just best to leave ex’s in the past where they belong.

5. Co-Worker:

Similar to the boss but a little less at risk job wise but it will definitely make things awkward if things don’t pan out. You want to leave any business and work in the office and not mix anything of your job emotions with outside ones because it tends to get messier than you can imagine.


This may seem a little annoying because I know that it’s super convenient to have a hookup buddy that’s literally right next door but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. You will be seeing this person on more than one occasion whether it’s in front of your place or at local shopping places.

If you don’t mind the frequent run-ins and awkward encounters, then go for it! Speaking from experience, they’re going to be the last person you want to see when you’re taking the trash out in your robe.

7. Sibling’s Friend:

Don’t do that to your sibling and make things weird with their friend. That’s just selfish, and your sibling will have to be put in the middle of whatever fling you guys end up having. Even if you try to hide it from them, the universe has a way of spilling your secrets so don’t test it. Let your brother or sister have friends without you trying to make a move on anyone that they bring home, keep some boundaries in your relationship.

Here’s an example of what happens when you hook up with your friend…