• 3 Reasons Hook-Up Apps Are On the Rise

    3 Reasons Hook-Up Apps Are On the Rise

    In today’s day and age—with kids as young as 2-years-old using smart phones and tablets—it easier than ever for young, horny little kids to search for porn or other sexual content online.
    If young kids are doing it, just imagine how many young adults and adults are taking advantage of online dating apps. Most adults grew up looking at nudey magazines—mobile devices with such opportunities must seem like goldmines.
    No longer are the days of having a friend introduce you to another friend, or awkwardly introducing yourself to that cute guy/girl across the bar; now all you have to do is find them on a dating app, because chances are, they are on there.
    Dating apps are on the rise and have been for the last seven or so years, read on to discover why.

    Everything/Everyone Is Online

    Whether someone is 18-years-old or 81, chances are they have a profile of themselves somewhere online—Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter. You can shop online, connect with old friends and even take classes, so why wouldn’t you be able to meet the love of your life or even just someone for tonight?
    It is far more uncommon for someone not to have a dating app than it is for someone to. Millenials use tons of different applications to post anything and everything online, it only makes sense that you can now post your sexual desires and wishes.

    Old-Fashioned Dating is Dead

    Long gone are the days of graduating from school and looking to settle down immediately to live a subtle and easy life. Now kids are graduating from school and looking to travel the world, start their own businesses or merely live life on the edge.
    The term “settling down” now refers to older generations who were after security and safety, who were told that the dream life was to live with your beautiful family in a beautiful house with a white picket fence outside. The younger generations who are fueling these dating apps are now after late nights and even later mornings, adrenaline rushes and life-risking feats and a respected job at an even more respected company.
    This means that we are constantly on the go or working too hard to even think about relationships. Not many of us are in a rush to settle down; our individualistic culture has led us to seek immediate satisfaction and dating apps allow us to do exactly that.

    It’s Convenient

    Dating apps have taken the mobile app world to a whole ‘nother place. This is entirely due to how convenient they are. You can be sitting on the couch in your robe all hungover and gross, yet still be messaging your matches about what you’d like to do to them tonight.
    You can meet people you otherwise never would, even though they only live four miles away. There’s no awkward small talk at the bar as you try to introduce yourself over the loud music—all that can be taken care of on the app.
    It is so simple as well. You think this person is attractive and would sleep with them? Okay, then swipe right and wait to see if you guys match. If you do, then its clear you would both sleep together and therefore should.

    Check out the video below to learn more about online dating! Or if you want to hookup tonight check out the cupid.ly app.

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  • 5 Rules For Sending A Dating App Opener

    5 Rules For Sending A Dating App Opener

    If you’re going to make an effort and send the first message, you might as well get it right the first time. Don’t waste your time sending something that will only be ignored and screenshotted to be laughed at in a group chat.

    If you seriously want a connection and response, take these rules into consideration before you start mass sending out sad excuses for conversation starters.

    1. Short and Sweet:

    You might think you’re being endearing when you put a lot of thought and effort into the paragraph you send over, but please don’t. Leave a little mystery and cut it down to a sentence, no more than two if you can. You want them to respond so you can have other things to say rather than blowing up their phone with chunks of information at a time.

    There’s no reason to ask multiple questions within one response or get too crazy into detail because you’ll end up overwhelming them to the point of no response, even though you thought it was the perfect opener.

    2. Be Creative:

    Don’t you dare just send a simple “hey” or “hi” unless you’re trying to bore them to death? I’m not saying you have to create this great joke or one-liner that they’ve never heard before but put a little more thought and effort into it instead of being so unoriginal they don’t take a second look.

    3. Include Their Name:

    For one thing, it’s a little too easy to get multiple matches and copy and paste openers every time. When you add their name, it shows you took the time to take a peep at their profile after the fact you matched and made an effort in typing out their name.

    It’s obvious when it’s a spam opener that you’re trying to anyone in the hopes of at least one response. Trust me; it’s not attractive if you realize the person you match with isn’t selective and has no game at all. Make the message a little more unique than a one liner with no intended purpose of being sent to that particular person.

    4. Don’t Be Too Aggressive:

    Everyone wants compliments and to be fond over, but if your comments are overbearing and extreme, you might scare them off. You should definitely voice your attraction but not to the extent of acting like you’ve never talked to an attractive person in your life.

    Don’t explicitly tell them all the naughty things you want to do with them right away leave it to the imagination and build up the messages to that point. Make sure it’s mutual, or you’re going to make a fool of yourself.

    5. Be Cute, Not Creepy:

    If you’ve happened to see them before or want to make it a point to let them know how interested you are, make sure you don’t cross the line into creepy zone. The worst thing to do is to come off desperate where you force them to unmatch you faster than you can send an apology message.

    If you have to debate on whether it’s creepy or not just don’t send it and start over from scratch because the opening sentence can determine it all.

    Check out the video below for more online dating openers!

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  • 7 People You Should Never Hook Up With

    7 People You Should Never Hook Up With

    I’m all for exploring your options on local sex apps, but we do live in a world where there are consequences. If you can keep it in your pants long enough to refrain from hooking up with one of these people, then don’t. Save yourself the drama and do it with anyone else.

    1. Boss:

    First things first, don’t shit where you eat, and by now you should know nothing good comes out of mixing business with pleasure. I understand that there can be sexual tension but don’t risk the one night fling with ruining your career and making things awkward in the office.

    2. Bestfriend:

    Whether it’s an experimental sort of thing or something you’ve always been curious about, make sure your friendship would be worth ruining. There is a huge risk when you mix the feelings from a great friendship and making things more complicated when you decide to get sexual with them.

    3. Bestfriend’s Boyfriend:

    Off limits, no questions asked. Whether it’s their ex or not this shouldn’t even be an option even though it tends to happen more than it should. It’s understandable to gain feelings for someone you’re around often since they are taking your BFF, but that doesn’t mean you and your best friend have to share everything literally.

    Know your boundaries and realize there are some severe consequences for everyone involved if you act on your feelings in this one.

    4. Ex:

    If it didn’t work out the first time, chances are there is a reason, and even if the sex is good, it’s not worth backtracking. The more time you spend with someone that is clearly wrong for you, the better sex you’re missing out on with a potential partner.

    Stick by the breakup and refrain from catching feelings again because chances are there are still some lingering in one of you, so it’s just best to leave ex’s in the past where they belong.

    5. Co-Worker:

    Similar to the boss but a little less at risk job wise but it will definitely make things awkward if things don’t pan out. You want to leave any business and work in the office and not mix anything of your job emotions with outside ones because it tends to get messier than you can imagine.


    This may seem a little annoying because I know that it’s super convenient to have a hookup buddy that’s literally right next door but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. You will be seeing this person on more than one occasion whether it’s in front of your place or at local shopping places.

    If you don’t mind the frequent run-ins and awkward encounters, then go for it! Speaking from experience, they’re going to be the last person you want to see when you’re taking the trash out in your robe.

    7. Sibling’s Friend:

    Don’t do that to your sibling and make things weird with their friend. That’s just selfish, and your sibling will have to be put in the middle of whatever fling you guys end up having. Even if you try to hide it from them, the universe has a way of spilling your secrets so don’t test it. Let your brother or sister have friends without you trying to make a move on anyone that they bring home, keep some boundaries in your relationship.

    Here’s an example of what happens when you hook up with your friend…

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